Orthodontic Treatments

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An abundance of clean, healthy teeth can improve your life. The first thing people notice regarding you is usually your smile, so being comfortable with your smile will make you feel more confident in social and business situations. Excellent orthodontic care is only one aspect; giving people the opportunity to serve with a smile is the goal.

La Salle Dental Centre is a dental clinic that offers orthodontic services as part of its dental care. Our team at La Salle Dental Centre is dedicated to providing personalized care to patients of all ages.

Why Choose La Salle

Dental Centre?

Our goal at La Salle Dental Centre is to attentively and closely coordinate with you to create an orthodontic experience tailored for you and your goals.

A straight smile not only makes you appear your best, but it also has practical advantages. You can bite, eat, and talk more successfully when your teeth align correctly. Additionally, straight teeth are simpler to maintain, which aids in preventing the growth of bacteria in your mouth that can promote dental decay and other harmful illnesses.

Early Orthodontics Treatment

The Association of Orthodontists explains that children should see an orthodontist for the first time no later than age 7. Children have a mixture of baby and permanent teeth at this age.

Early orthodontic intervention can lessen the need for future extractions or other invasive procedures, delay the onset of more severe issues, and increase the overall outcome of orthodontic treatment. Overcrowding, bite abnormalities, problems with jaw growth, and thumb-sucking behaviours are typical problems that may be resolved via early orthodontic treatment. A specialist’s orthodontic evaluation can help decide the best action and whether early treatment is necessary.

For adjustments to your smile, La Salle Dental Centre can consult with you for Invisalign® braces. Our dental care professionals at La Salle Dental Centre will work closely with each patient to develop a customized treatment plan that meets their specific needs and goals.


The ligaments may take several months to adapt after your smile is straightened, and the tooth is repositioned. It’s crucial to wear the retainers as directed to maintain your beautiful smile.

Transparent Aligners

A system of invisible braces called aligners is used to straighten teeth gradually. Patients can straighten their teeth without using bands, brackets, wire, braces, or veneers.

Emergency Orthodontics

Receiving orthodontic care may need some initial getting used to. When using appliances for the first time or when teeth start migrating into new places, it’s normal to feel mild discomfort. For your ease, genuine orthodontic emergencies are uncommon. Still, La Salle Dental Centre offers emergency orthodontics treatments to provide you with relief from dental pain and ensure you can always smile brightly.