Implant Dentistry

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The standard and reliable treatment for missing teeth is dental implants. They offer a variety of advantages over conventional procedures like bridges or dentures and give a safe and solid basis for replacement teeth.

At Dental House LaSalle, implant dentistry starts with a thorough consultation and analysis of the patient’s oral health. To decide if a patient is a good candidate for dental implants, the dentist will check their mouth, teeth, gums, and jaw. They might also take X-rays or do other diagnostic procedures to learn more about the patient’s dental health.

Dental Implant By Dental House LaSalle Procedure

The next stage is to install the implants after it has been confirmed that the patient is a good candidate for dental implants. A minor gum incision is made during the surgery to expose the jawbone. The little titanium implant is then painstakingly inserted into the jawbone. The replacement tooth will have a solid and sturdy base as the jawbone around the implant gradually thickens.

The patient will need to wait a few months after the implant has been put in for the jawbone to recover and fuse to the implant. A temporary crown may be fitted over the implant during this period to safeguard it and offer some stability.

The dentist will cover the implant with the permanent crown after the jawbone fully recovers. The crown is constructed to match the patient’s original teeth in shape, size, and colour, resulting in a seamless and natural-looking repair.

What Impact Will Dental Implant Have On Life?

Substitute teeth anchored by dental implants mimic teeth in appearance, feel, and performance. It follows that you are free to eat and drink anything you want. But still, dental implants significantly raise the quality of life. People concerned and ashamed about their dental issues are frequently surprised by new permanent teeth’ positive effects on their personality.

Benefits Dental Implants Offer

Compared to other methods of replacing missing teeth, dental implants provide a lot of advantages. Following are the few benefits of getting dental implants at Dental House LaSalle

Enhanced Appearance

A patient’s overall appearance and smile are enhanced with dental implants since they look and feel like natural teeth.


Increased comfort

Dental implants don’t slip or hurt as dentures do. They enable patients to eat, speak, and smile confidently by giving replacement teeth a safe and solid base.



Dental implants are a straightforward and simple-to-care-for alternative for lost teeth because they don’t need specific cleaning or upkeep.

Enhanced Durability

Dental implants are made of high-quality, long-lasting materials. They can last a lifetime if properly maintained.

Better Oral Health

Since dental implants don’t involve changing the neighbouring teeth, the patient’s original teeth and oral health are preserved.

Why Choose


Our Dental House LaSalle specialists are dedicated to offering customer-centred service. Suppose you are missing one or more teeth and want to explore your options. In that case, dental implants are a safe and effective solution for missing teeth, offering several benefits over traditional treatments. Schedule a consultation with Dental House LaSalle to learn more about implant dentistry.